When was the last time you felt anxious, overwhelmed, or stressed by the responsibilities in your life?

Like you didn’t have all the support you needed?

Today, yesterday, right now?

Do you ever feel like you’re barely hanging on to hold it all together… While you’re secretly exhausted and scared inside?

Like you don’t know how to begin to explain your feelings to the people you love.

And everyone in your life expects you as the leader of your family or your workplace to have all your shit together…

So you put on a "strong man face" that everything is fine, and keep marching on.

While deep down inside you're suffering, and feel like you had nobody to go to.

You feel like running sometimes dealing with the impossible trifecta of marriage, kids, and business.

And sometimes the curveballs of life come in the form of…

- Business setbacks

- Sickness or death in the family

- Breakup or divorce

- Increased responsibilities

You’ve felt like you had to struggle through them by yourself.

Maybe, like is the case for millions of men in the world, this pattern has started to deteriorate your relationships with the people you love. Maybe your sex life isn't what it was?

Or maybe your health - the greatest wealth of all.

Most men today are experiencing pain that they don’t understand.

Not just in their backs or sore muscles…

But in the tightness in their hearts.

In the knots in their throats.

The chronic aching fear deep in their gut.

It’s the avoidance of this emotional pain that drives men to do things that can hurt the people they love…

Such as physical and verbal violence.

Or lying to yourself and others.

Or just slow self-destruction through excessive unhealthy addictions to porn, gambling, alcohol, or drugs.

Anything at all to numb the pain.

This is an unspoken epidemic in our world.

The epidemic of loneliness.

The fact that men don’t have a place to sharpen their emotional intelligence and build strength in brotherhood is the single biggest cause of dysfunction in our civilization today.

How would the world look if every man truly loved themselves so much that everyone around them felt more safe and inspired and loved just by their presence?

What kind of beautiful world would our children grow up in if the world was led by epic men like THAT?

That’s why we’ve created The Brotherhood.

Because millions of men around the world are feeling the exact same pain…

And think they’re the only ones feeling it.

Because most of us were taught the dangerous belief that real men don’t cry, or that we’re supposed to have all the answers all the time. Every. Single. Time. For everyone.

So most of us don’t show our pain.

We don’t talk about it. We pretend everything is fine, and keep soldiering on.

As if we’re going to get a medal for carrying our misery as silently as possible for as long as possible.

This is not the way.

Brother, you don’t have to carry that alone anymore.

We created The Brotherhood to be a space where you can talk through the scary thoughts in your head that you spend most of your time pretending are not there.

The Brotherhood is the place you can relax. Where you don’t have to compete for once. Where you don’t have to be perfect.

Where you don’t have to have it all together.

Come as you are, and share your feelings and hear other men on the path share theirs, and realize you’re not alone.

This is your place to unpack your emotions outside of your romantic relationship…

…Because as you may have already figured out that there is no greater killer of sexual polarity like your lover being your therapist.

In the safe container of The Brotherhood, you can release this huge emotional anchor you’ve been carrying that you may not even REALIZE you’ve been carrying.

So that your nervous system can use all of that extra bandwidth towards experiencing more joy, love, and passion towards your purpose.

So you can…

- Make more love.

- Make more money doing what you love.

- Smile more. From the inside.

- Reconnect to your creativity.

- Feel strong and confident in your body.

- Deepen your relationship to the Divine.

- Replace the grind of life with more ease and play.

You are not broken or dysfunctional…

You just weren’t meant to be a lone wolf in life. None of us our.

As men, our role in the family and the world is to create safety and stability. Which starts by creating a feeling of safety and stability within ourselves. Which starts by connecting to our feelings -- and being actually supported by other men.

Which starts by having insightful conversations together about our feelings in community with other brothers…

Just as men in every wise civilization have done on this planet for tens of thousands of years.

It’s time to feel seen. To feel like you belong.

It’s time to feel like you can deeply relax, feel safe and have a chance at real intimacy with the people you choose to love...

So that your family, your children, and everyone in your professional life can fully see you and love you for who you really are.

This is the journey of courage.It’s the modern day hero’s journey.

And brother it is time for you to step into being the hero in your own story

By stepping up to face your own shadow.

To look the dragon of your emotional pain dead in the eye and love it with everything you have.

Because in loving that shadow, you are loving yourself.

Brother, it’s time for you to reclaim your power.

It’s time to meet your brothers.

Join us.